Defending American values

No love for Obama in Occupy world

John Heilemann spent hours talking to participants in the Occupy Wall Street uprising to write a lengthy piece for New York magazine in which he explores how 2012 could be an election year similar in volatility to 1968. In the course of his research, Heilemann encountered Occupiers who were not merely chanting and camping out. … Continue reading

Occupy trends toward terrorism

The Occupy movement took an alarming turn this week. As it trends toward terrorism, protestors are raging perilously close to their No. 1 fan, the President of the United States, as a union-choreographed occupation of Washington targets the Capitol and nearby K Street. An ocean away authorities in Germany announced Wednesday that they discovered a … Continue reading

Occupiers hit the road (to nowhere)

It’s a funny thing about night sticks, pepper spray, tear gas and handcuffs. Repeated encounters with them and their owners, law enforcement, become really old really fast. Toss in Mother Nature’s annual betrayal of autumn in deference to her true love, winter, and it is understandable that the ranks of the Occupy protestors have thinned … Continue reading

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