John Heilemann spent hours talking to participants in the Occupy Wall Street uprising to write a lengthy piece for New York magazine in which he explores how 2012 could be an election year similar in volatility to 1968.

In the course of his research, Heilemann encountered Occupiers who were not merely chanting and camping out. He talked to some who, while unapologetic as to the movement, actually had thought about what they are angry about and articulated these thoughts in measured words.

Heilemann’s piece is based on the premise that the Occupiers are not going away and that they might, in fact, reshape the 2012 election, particularly with respect to the political conventions.

While they scream for social justice and income equality, there’s a rather old fashioned sentiment at play beneath the surface — “it’s the economy, stupid.” Listen to Max Berger, 26, who is described as a professional activist:

“These [protesters] aren’t out here because they’re offended that they haven’t been spoken to nicely. They’re out here because they owe shitloads of money in student-loan debt and can’t find a job. Or they can’t afford their mortgage. And if Obama thinks that they’re gonna be able to divert this energy by talking about doing something, he’s got another think [sic] coming.”

Sounds as if what they really want more than income equality is income quality, a.k.a., an economic recovery. Which suggests that, as in 1968, the Republicans and, specifically, the GOP candidate, have an opportunity to deliver a powerful message in response to a powerful uprising.

And, beyond that, Hielemann ran into a lot of Occupiers in New York who have written Obama off. There was no love for Obama in the tumultuous OWS encampment.

Yotam Marom, 25, who spent parts of his childhood in Israel and New York, explains it in no uncertain terms:

“(Barack) Obama didn’t build a movement, he built an electoral machine,” says Marom. “If he had built a movement, he would not be where he is right now. But the fact that he was elected, that so many people came out in the streets for him, that people cried when he won, was an expression of the fact that they wanted what they thought he was, which is an alternative. He wasn’t it. He can’t deliver it. This political system can’t deliver it.”


The Occupy movement took an alarming turn this week. As it trends toward terrorism, protestors are raging perilously close to their No. 1 fan, the President of the United States, as a union-choreographed occupation of Washington targets the Capitol and nearby K Street.

An ocean away authorities in Germany announced Wednesday that they discovered a letter bomb addressed to Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann that made it to the mailroom of the bank’s Frankfurt headquarters. The finding triggered an immediate security alert for banks in New York, including Deutsche Bank and its Wall Street address. Senior executives undoubtedly will find themselves living in an ever more protected bubble.

Even if the Frankfurt letter is not proven to have direct ties to the Occupiers, it is obviously an act intended to signal a likeminded hatred of the financial sector, which is the core target of Occupy Wall Street and its network of urban encampments.

Across the U.S., the Occupy mobs continue to proliferate and are more emboldened than ever despite losing ground to law enforcement efforts to disperse them. The Occupy San Francisco camp was cleared out Wednesday, resulting in 70 arrests, two on assault charges after a police officer was struck by a folding chair. In New Orleans, police took similar action and forcibly cleared an encampment before dawn.

The San Francisco mobs told reporters they would disrupt traffic in retaliation for their displacement from their filthy tent village. Traffic disruption also was the focus of protests along K Street. The Washington Post reports thusly:

The demonstrators were among those who had been bused in from cities across the country to join the Occupiers as part of a week-long protest called “Take Back the Capitol,” sponsored by the Service Employees International Union, one of the biggest labor unions in the country.

With each passing week, the organic nature of the Occupy protests yield to well funded, orchestrated demonstrations and occupations. In Brooklyn, N.Y., a group led a homeless family on a “march” to a vacated home that is in foreclosure. The home’s front door was mysteriously “unlocked” and occupied by the family and anti-foreclosure protestors.

Clearly, this was a case of trespassing and property invasion. The refusal of the President to denounce the Occupy movement’s law breaking, street violence and class warfare rhetoric means that Barack Obama would rather court potential voters than protect the well being of the citizenry at large. By turning his back on the rule of law, Obama is charting the most reckless course of his, or any, presidency.

When the first bomb is detonated on Wall Street, when the first bank executive is murdered, when local law enforcement can no longer contain the surges of rage in our cities, only one man will be responsible for a new era of domestic terrorism in America.

That man is the 44th President of the United States. It is unclear if he will regret the consequences of his silence, or silently rejoice.

It’s a funny thing about night sticks, pepper spray, tear gas and handcuffs. Repeated encounters with them and their owners, law enforcement, become really old really fast.

Toss in Mother Nature’s annual betrayal of autumn in deference to her true love, winter, and it is understandable that the ranks of the Occupy protestors have thinned and, in many cases, evaporated.

Even the compliant mainstream media is ready to declare the Occupiers a passing fad. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank could not have been clearer:

“This is not what a mass movement looks like. … It looks more and more like a lost cause, as the masses fail to mobilize behind the Occupy activists.”

So the kids are going back to school, or back home to the free room and board. Although many don’t need to, some are even looking for jobs, perhaps looking to occupy something that pays. They’re cold and tired. Some might even have come to realize that the persistent odor they keep noticing is coming from … them!

Meanwhile, the forces that bred Occupy Everything are re-grouping. Financial backers including Communist Party USA and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are chartering buses and shipping their human pawns off to Washington.

They are planning to demonstrate along D.C.’s renowned “K” Street, home of the myriad lobbyist firms. They also will gather to “Take Back the Capitol”. And there are reports of a “Take Back Our Homes” initiative to protest residential foreclosures.

So while Americans of many affiliations will enjoy watching the tone-deaf, “inside the Beltway” Washington elite political crowd deal with the last ranks of the Occupy army, the lawlessness apparently will not subside. Has it occurred to the organizational geniuses that occupying a vacant, foreclosed home is an invasion of private property? Somebody owns it. Are the lenders expected to forgive every mortgage? (Oh wait, that was an Obama administration policy for awhile). We know the protestors think they own the streets (“Our streets!” they rage). Do they now own random suburban four-bedroom homes, too?

When they head over to Occupy the U.S. Capitol, do they think old Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader who once complained he could “smell the tourists” as he navigated across the Rotunda, will welcome this new wave of hygiene impaired citizens? He might have no choice, as reported by’s Trevor Loudon:

“While withering under the combined effects of cold weather, public disgust,  and the tiniest hint of  a backbone by some public authorities, the Occupy Wall Street Movement will not be allowed to die. That is, if one of the movement’s strongest pillars, the Communist Party USA, has its way. What will change though, if the Communists succeed in dominating the movement they have so thoroughly infiltrated, will be a new, more disciplined, less anarchic – even electorally focused ‘Occupy’ movement.”

Sen. Reid has his orders from the shadow parties who will not hesitate to hold him to account, whether they are handed down by the Communist Party leader Sam Webb or the bosses inside SEIU. So, too, President Barack Obama, the top lieutenant of billionaire radical George Soros. Obama was quick to praise the Occupy protestors, so he can’t suddenly call upon them to tone it down as they descend on Washington in their comfortable chartered coaches.

Conveniently, the Obamas are off to Hawaii for an extended Christmas break as of Dec. 17. So if the protestors literally endeavor to take back the federal government while simultaneously terrorizing the lobbyists, the Obamas won’t have to worry if the raging masses appear at the gates of the White House. They’ll be occupying a beach on Oahu.

First lady Michelle has repeatedly pledged to transform the White House into the “people’s house”. Well, what do you know? They’ve come to take it back. By the bus loads.





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