Our nation is on the brink. How did it happen? Generations of declining educational standards. Children raised in dysfunctional families by disengaged parents lacking a moral compass. Elected officials who encourage citizens to vote themselves money they’ll never repay.

We witnessed a horrific assault on our nation a decade ago on September 11. Yet now we know that a less visible, aggressive attack on American values has bubbled beneath the surface, orchestrated by extreme organs of the Communist and Socialist movements in cooperation with the enraged public and private unions. They have artfully transferred their rage into the empty shells of unmotivated, entitlement-addicted Americans, who tonight fill the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and numerous cities.

The rage won’t take down buildings or airplanes. But it will threaten the fabric of our culture. It will empower those who are reviled by American exceptionalism, and who have been inspired by the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his mission to impose “transformational change”.

The Occupiers are angry because … ? They can’t seem to explain it. They want more stuff, more guarantees that the productive class will be punished for its leveraging of the free market, more assurances that a government program will always be there to prop them up even if their own poor choices and disdain for authority have led them astray and into financial calamity. They see wealth redistribution as just and they will sacrifice their dignity to extract a “fair share”.

Across America today were are seeing the battle line drawn. It is those who have time on their hands to await orders from union-funded field lieutenants versus law enforcement and anyone headed to a place of business where something is produced or a new idea is hatched.

One Wall Street protestor said the throngs of angry occupiers would rise “from beneath” as if to conjure an image of a creature emerging from under a rock or out of murky swamp. In San Diego, occupiers paused to observe a “moment of silence” in solidarity with the Idaho man arrested and charged with the attempted assassination of the President following his recent shooting spree that bounced bullets off the White House. Why express solidarity with this deranged gunman? Reports placed him among the Occupy DC campers.

In Chicago, people in blue ponchos demanding “Jobs Not Cuts” sat down in the middle of a bridge just ahead of rush hour Thursday night. In New York, the waves of protestors assembled to carry out a multi-pronged series of demonstrations inspired by N17, a Greek terrorist organization with origins dating to November 17, 1973. By Thursday night, 175 arrests had been made and seven police officers were reported injured in clashes.

The President is off in Indonesia, detached geographically and — as he typically is — emotionally from the state of the nation. But while Obama and his radical left fellow Washington lawmakers silently cheer the chaos in the streets, the people who propel the engines of commerce and patriotism are pushing back.

A Public Policy Polling poll currently finds 45 percent opposing the Occupy initiative compared to 33 percent expressing support. There has been an 11-point swing in that margin in just one month.

When will the nation’s leadership led by President Obama call out the Occupiers as criminals and thugs? Perhaps not anytime soon. Obama is likely hesitant to berate people who remind him of himself.