Defending American values

Next Occupy target: Hope and change

The mayors have had it with the Occupy campers. The police have had it. First, authorities cleared them out of New York and Oakland; this week the scrub downs are under way in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. In smaller markets, the media is all but ignoring the signs and chants. Enthusiasm for the Occupy Wall … Continue reading

Tea Party compared to Occupy Wall Street but why?

Because Barack Obama and other radical Democrats said so, there was a rush to judgment about Occupy Wall Street and its numerous offshoots. They were spirited youths. They have a right to be frustrated. And, one other thing. They are just like Americans who attend Tea Party rallies. In fact, discussing the Tea Party compared … Continue reading

On the brink

Our nation is on the brink. How did it happen? Generations of declining educational standards. Children raised in dysfunctional families by disengaged parents lacking a moral compass. Elected officials who encourage citizens to vote themselves money they’ll never repay. We witnessed a horrific assault on our nation a decade ago on September 11. Yet now … Continue reading

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