Defending American values

Media’s agenda poses greater threat than OWS

So now they’re mad as hell because Lower Manhattan has been cleansed of its Occupiers. But the people who spin on behalf of these pathetic puppets claim that law enforcement in New York and elsewhere have done them a favor. If encampments are not to be tolerated, the Occupiers will turn to widespread disruption and … Continue reading

Wanna-be occupying hits rural Illinois

U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, an Iraq war veteran, attracted a motley gaggle of “Occupiers” Tuesday morning by hosting a breakfast fundraiser in the far western Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook. His featured guest was former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. En route to the breakfast, which was held in the clubhouse of a public … Continue reading

Occupying delusion

Well, who didn’t see this coming? The same people who never will acknowledge that Barack Obama is unfit to occupy the Oval Office now are desperately endeavoring to line up in support of the Occupy Wall Street criminals. As the arrests, rapes and murders mount, the indignant “victim class” clings to its defense of the … Continue reading

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